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    Is RK starting back up?

    He makes Disney videos too.
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    Roll Call

    Here, there and everywhere.
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    Drunk Thread

    I know, right? Feels strange.
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    Drunk Thread

    I've only got a few days left on my vacation. But we don't tap out, we black out!
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    Jesse J
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    Jesse J

    The next harvest sacrifice is being prepared.
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    two-oh-one-five:Stuff, stupidity, fall, oil, etc

    The R10 was a deliberate thumb of the nose at the competitors. The street version supposedly had 2000 pounds of torque, though it never went into production.
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    For some stupid reason

    Oh, I'm hurting something fierce at the end of that kind of day. I dunno, I just cruise at my pace, and stop when I want. I don't ride stampede style like I did on the last three bikes, that's for sure. Not really a fan of the catalog custom. I've been thinking about a sporty. Not like...
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    For some stupid reason

    Puts my hands to sleep and a grin on my face every time I ride.
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    For some stupid reason

    I've always loved choppers. Not the OCC theme bikes, or the Big Dogs or stuff like that, but more long distance, every day riders. But the big question that's nagged me was "could I even handle a hardtail". Well, The answer is yes. And this bike is what let me test it. It's a 1983 Honda CX...
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    My 1994 Suzuki DR350SE

    Outstanding looking ride. How did the bike (and you) handle the various surfaces? Did you stay warm the whole day? How can you stand to have a backpack on all day? What kind of cheese did you have on your burger? Was the beer at a proper temperature? Any wipeouts or tipovers?
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    two-oh-one-five:Stuff, stupidity, fall, oil, etc

    Drill baby drill. Burn the earth, Down with poor people. Fuck old and disabled people, every man for himself, Women shouldn't vote!
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    lol. this guy