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  • Eight, ..., i'll fess up.
    I was worried you might've been offended by summat i said about those working in the missile field in some bollocks thread of Mr T's.

    FWIW all my life I've lived under the US nuke umbrella & for this I'm grateful. MAD isnt insane its pointedly rational. Whats insane is getting into that situation in the first place. To the extent that you help maintain the credibility of MAD, I'm gratefull to you too.

    It is perhaps unwise and/or rude of me to reference others on the site obliquely in such a way & so I apologise to you.

    As for your non-response etc, ..., its all in the medium & I'm not in anyway fussed, please dont worry about it, I certainly dont & even if I did it'd be my problem not yours. Nice to know you care tho.
    Eh? I'm a bit concerned/worried. Its not entirely clear to me but have I said something to piss you off? If so, I really regret it. When ppl say to me, and they often do, 'where is the joy or point in living on the internet?' I usually cite you, amongst others, as a interesting and suprising person.The chances of me meeting in my non-e-life, let alone having numerous decent conversations with, a bloke in your position is virtually zero. OTOH perhaps I'm just being paranoid?
    Regardless of whatever any poster here may do to their car MES still thinks rice has nowt to do screwdrivers. Equally the collective regularly discusses food, typically fried chicken, in the all too sepian portions, ..., your familiar with the phrase 'with a trowel'? The next line is very hard to hear but its 'where's the bus depot?'. Lastly at least once he pronounces 'mexico' as 'mek it go'. Hope that clears it up. There are no official fall lyrics but fall fan central maintain the 'lyrics parade', ..., they're still debating the exact wording of the new album. Have another listen, the 'clicky shoulders' line also refers to my life in that such a thing in another meant i visited a mate in hospital nearly everyday. He could've written 'chino', makes me cry its so sad.
    I've just realised you are the Dr Manhatten of the RKC rep point system, ..., is there anything I can get you, ..., cuppa tea?, comfy cushion?, ..., No? You sure now?, ..., its no bother, honest. Well, you just say if there is, OK? Like the hair BTW, suits you, you've such good taste.
    Regardlett of the total number of visits a profile claims to've had some list the last 3 whilst others the last 10. I've on idea why, .., nor why it simultaneously claims that messages like this have failed but also been sent successfully. Odd innit?
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