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  • hey asshole i do have an upgraded turbo and it is still to fucking quiet i really dont care how you feel about shit so i would gladly like it if you kept you opinion to yourself unless you plan on helping me it was a simple question i am still learning about my car so eat a dick
    well i'm flattered that you chose to take the time etc

    just suirfaced is an uynreleased doc from 1994, ..., 4 years before the infamous 'brownies' gig in ny

    not essential, but you can have a go at recognising smiths various drug-induced ticks

    its important to remember that smith is the epitome of an 'unreliable witness'

    so, which albums do you rate?
    part three

    " I understand how hard it is to convey intentions over the internet, without body language and tone to convey true meaning. With my MIA actions, it makes anything else worse"
    Tell me about it, ..., the problem exists for all not just those who feel restricted by the net-access perculiarities.

    although i do often feel misunderstood I'm, nonetheless, fairly chuffed with my efforts to 'convey my intentions'

    Jared's mum fb friended me, (most odd!) & wanted to know 'more about' me, ..., i just sent her to my 'offical' rkc thread & said the older ppl in the first few pages had it right

    anyhow all hail the might fall, ..., tho jonathan richman is pretty good too, ..., especially theearlier stuff?
    part two

    I love the site, its really is a great site with loads of ppl of all types ages contributing. theres even a few non-fall fans there.

    the 'big boys' there also arent elitist and there is little sign of 'exclusionatory' behaviour, ..., but mainly kudos there arrives from extreme drollery, ...., which is nice

    plus they really know their music especiall the avant garde & outsider spectrum
    "Most bands, ... tend to be the best early in the game"
    massively true & smith's policy of ever revolving line ups has enabled the fall various 'returns to form' , ..., but nevertheles imo the first 8-10 releases remain their very best & show a confidence & amibition that is stunning

    "I fully intend to check everything(other then the lyrics, since I did that on that very day and Favorited it, being American makes it difficult ...."
    The lyric parade i linked to only as a way of finding what song is on what album. As for understanding the lyrics, ..., well, there are several websites dedicated to just that. IMO he also has used deliberate ambiguity to allow ppl to insert their own meanings, but he really goes for it nowadays, ..., his 'growly-cackle voice nearly always does this IMO. I'd not worry about the 'correct meaning' just construct your own, ...., but if you've any questions i'll do me best plus the site has info on such fingies
    re: fart oomany fall links via fb message etc

    after i sent that i fort, ..., i've done this before & not just wiv anyone else but wiv you & that you replied summat like 'fanx but no fanx, i like to explore these kinda fings for mesel like'
    & i briefly considered checking to see if indeed i had
    but then i fort, ..., 'no need, too late, why bovver, got uvver fings to do anyhows'
    as i typed this this song popped up, ..., the enf div sometimes say stuff like 'you still a vegan? ... like carl lewis', ..., we all agree tho that the less said about my ponytail the better
    blimey i'm mighty, ..., just thing ten persons 5 a day, five day week & in two weeks i could raise everyone a whole bubble, ..., almost
    as always thsnkd for the rep, ..., itd rsdy to br vicious with onesrlf, ..., suite cathartic it is, ..., bearts breaking the rules gets the point over too, ..., posdsibly

    bad eye day, excuse the typos
    its a good job i'm not iminhell, (or have the attitudes he lays claim to), for worrying about just exactly who it is might prove debilitating, ..., as it is it the ultimate larry o situation i can never really know, ..., i did consider asking the b.r.o. but then, ..., etc. instead i worried about what might be done not quite in my name, ..., were i not a rkc rule-abiding person i might well create aspv for next years celebrations of my existance & go all S.I.G. on yers arses, ...., '#we know that you can hear us' etc, ..., doubtless the s,i,g wuill be some kinda military rat-cop fingy

    been an odd few days on the board i feel, ..., but maybe thats just me

    watcha goona doing after guarding the missile fields?
    congrats on yer colour change btw
    where are you rl of? montana?

    oh dear, ..., just realised its not a rl colour fingy but a page visted de-light fingy, ..., this screen needs adjusting

    see, ..., very stupid
    well, assuming it a9nt you i'm assuming its itsmikey based purely on his comment on my vm, ..., tho given the ammount of time i spend getting the phone to list who is online blah blah blah etc

    but in truth i'd worry more that i cared considerably more than i care, ..., if i were you, ..., which i'm fairly sure i aint.

    admittedly tho as i am me i did worry about being impersonated a bit but it all seems benign enough, ..., odd how difficult it is to do tho isnt it?, ..., it seems so easy at first

    the idea of you on over-watch wondering about my posts is vastly amusing & i trust untrue

    take care, ..., enjoy yer work n'that
    bet you wished you'd never asked now, ..., & sorry to not really answer your question & instead seek to justify my life-style, ..., how very bias revealing of me

    but i can, quite frankly, say little more than "serves you right really, ..., surely you should've known better"

    that 'mozila purple looks great with the green & yellow btw

    sorry for all thr typos, ... huge rush as i only get an hour on a proper puter

    i heard a great somng on radio this am
    by jack white's missus kate elson, 'the thruth lies on the dirt on the ground', ..., but she, for some reason, say 'blood' instead of 'dirt'
    this was legal btw

    i found a massive loophole & repeatedly tried to get it shut

    i'm fairly sure they used all this as a reason to put me on the list of people to get off the stats

    it is, iiuc, actually illegal for me now to try to be self-employed

    their basic error stems from using different highly specfic definition sets for 'work', 'job' & 'employment' on different forms/proceedures/protocols & these definition sets overlap & contadict

    i imagine that you can imagine me assiduously reading all their advice & pointing out that it contradicts itself, ..., oddly jared, at times, makes exactly the same noise that they did when faced with such massive pedantry
    there is much talk of cutting the welfare bill, ..., i could easily afford a 25% cut in my benefit, ..., but then i get extra coz of my eyes, ..., actually in truth i get extra so that i dont count in unemployment stats, ..., the day this happened was most amusing as i ranted for less money with the office manager whilst surrounded by the sceaming scamming junkies who were all, again, claiming that their giros (welfare checks) had been stolen & whineing 'could i have another one, no please, get on with it for we both know you have to' i9n that agressive snivelling wheeddling nasel whine that is their calling card

    the exact details of my movement off the stats is involved, but includes me writing to dole central in marsham street london & getting a dole form redesigned, and much more, ..., basically i was training myself on visual basic whilst being self-employed earning very little & signing on.
    dept of work {shudder!!!!!!} & pensions MAY cover employment law & standards but basically they are my main sponsor

    having checked i see they do cover the health & safety executive, ..., not to sure about employment law & industrial tribunals etc

    their mission statement
    "The Department sees its role as to:

    * contribute towards fair, safe and fulfilling lives, free from poverty for children, people in work and retirement, disabled people and carers;
    * reduce welfare dependency and increase economic competitiveness by helping people to work wherever they can and helping employers to secure the skills and employees they need; and
    * provide greater choice and personalisation and higher quality of service for customers where it is in their interests and those of the taxpayers"

    i see no mention of their role in administering the anti-riot bribe, ..., but thats their main role
    fanx 4 the rep, ..., entirely undeserved as i suspect you've misunderstood. the ancient phone wont display the end of long pages, so i've used the 'newest post first' sequencing option. so, were i to write summat about the person above me it'd be noone, ..., so i write stuff about the person below me, ..., i think its funny coz some ppl here have said they find my posting style aloof as if i think i'm 'better' than everyone here coz i'm not american etc

    such paranoia seems oddly common amonst person's from the 'top nation', ..., you can read brits doing it in victorian stuff, ..., the many chinese students who live round me seem to've been infected with it to, ..., very many of them brook absolutely no criticism of china at all, ..., even ancient china

    OTOH absolutely every british person, does, the very first thing upon awakening, scream at the top of their voice "fank f*ck i aint a sep", ..., its quite deafening at times ;)

    fyi your rep point power was worth 14 points to me.
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