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  • fanx for rep, ..., been a bit of a drought tbh, ..., doubt i'm in the top 10 let alone the top three now, ..., GOOD!
    fanx for rep, it added seemingly about 15 points to my collection of such
    not too sure about these formalised friendship fingies, ..., but what the hey, try almost anyfink once, ..., oddly I seem to've become friends with the auto news bot too, ..., aint got a clue how that came about, ..., truely a 'ghost in the machine' moment i suspect

    & while I'm here
    "No one has ever called me 'Sir' in my entire life"

    the rep system is annoyingly restrictive, ..., it wont let me give Dr S a second 'thumbs up' despite having given out 7 other reppings, ..., i've even tried repping the autonews bot for effs sake, ..., i dunno, eh?
    i've just raised you at least 7 places in the rep point rankings, ..., such is my power-ah-ha, ..., think on't, think on't
    hey its me, Donovan!!! Hey im needing a good bmw mechanic to look at the m5. I've had other mechanics look at it. Classic BMW tried to rip me off, i had another independent shop in Mckinney look at it and he said that it was the driver side VANOS unit. However i dont have the symtoms that go along with that. Also, i dont have a lot of cash now, like everybody else now lol So do you know of a good place that is capable of looking at the beast?
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