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    RIP Killermaro

    Definatly coming out tonight with the camaro in his honor, RIP Cameron, thanks for helping my fix my camaro a few years ago.
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    post pics of your truck

    My 2003 Super Crew.
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    Transmission shop

    I have aquired an 87 300zx 5 speed and it may need a clutch or some syncros. Do we have a hook up on a shop still?
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    blackberry chargers

    i have over 100 blackberry chargers for sale. $10 a piece, ill prove they work. text 214-864-7737
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    99-04 factory mustang headlights

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    99-04 factory mustang headlights

    I have a nice set of headlights for sale. they came off a 99-04 mustang. they ARE used but in very good shape. i would lke $75 obo OR ill knock $20 or so off the price and take your old ones as long as they are not cracked or broken. Selling as a pair only. They will come with all the light...
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    Posting for a friend. They were out at the farm and someone broke into their house and took a lot of stuff including the mustang. SO KEEP A EYE OUT FOR IT.. blue 2002 mustang GT with pink brake calipers and black wheels that was stolen from Euless TX. It has a Cobra body kit and is highly...
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    free tv stand

    has glass door, no shelves. Very sturdy. we just dont need it. can deliver pending on how far you are for a few bucks. it would be tomorrow after 5 text 214-864-7737
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    WTB: 205/50-16 used tires

    ive got a set of 205 60 16's if you can handle a slightly bigger tire. they will pass inspection just fine.
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    CRL's Spring Cruising for a Cause

    maybe i can make this. ill be in the truck tho
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    wtb 97-03 f-150 grill guard

    if you have or know someone who is selling one... let me know. black only
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    AR15 vs. M16 vs. M4A1

    Brace yourself if you shoot one. a brick wall would be best for you, you wont fly backwards
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    I fell. Here's the vid.

    lmao. ive had some close callls to and im sure ive now fucked myself to... lol
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    FS Dodge factory 20's

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    FS Dodge factory 20's

    thanks guys!