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  • I figured since you only had two friends at the time, than why not make it three. Haha, Cheers!
    No, I didn't rep you just to rep someone else. I enjoy most of your posts and thought you needed some rep, not just for that specific post, but your posts in general.

    Yes, I already found the button. I just haven't gotten around to changing anything yet. ;)
    HAhaha. It took me a few seconds to realize that your message was talking about my birthday. I was like "The fuck is he talking about?!" LOL.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    On a side note, how in the hell did you get these bright colors? LOL.
    You Assface you know what you were doing ! You don't even know Gaylen nor any of the team members! The appropriate response for you is to mind your own life and don't worry your little rice burning self about others! You have no idea about racing or building race cars! Nothing! Go back to sleep.
    Aww, naw man. It's all good. I just feel bad because you go out of your way in a lot of posts to address something specific to me(quite often in the music thread), but I never really say anything back. It's just been bugging me is all.
    Just wanted to tell you, Even though I don't always respond directly to you, any thread that I'm subscribed to that you reference something to me, I always read it.
    what is ur point on rkc? u dont even make sence and u dont even drive a performance car i bet and your in uk .... lol
    Because i like your style, although it is hard to "decode" sometimes (maybe due to my great Texas education). But it is better then the mindless drivel that comes from a lot of members here. Although silverstein isn't the hardest music i listen to, i like there style, but yes i guess you can consider them a bit soft compared to others. Thanks for the props sir, and of course accepting the request :)
    I didn't catch the reference in Mexico. It's way too easy to space out to The Fall and I haven't been able to find the lyrics to it yet. Great CD to have a couple beers to, that's for sure.

    As far as the PRP thing, We do our damnedest to keep our private lives private. I do have to agree overall with your assessment though, things tend to get out of hand quick here.
    can you speak english when you are talking to me. I didnt understand a damn work you said in that besides dont talk about jared and underwear? It was a joke. shit. And it got bumped. End of convo.
    thanks v much for the message :) ...that was a great pic too, nice of you to say it made you think of me...and in regards to the neologism thread, it was no trouble at all...
    also unfortunately..and without trying to be rude I must sadly decline your offer...work commitments prohibit it, however, I’m probably doing you a favour as I don’t drink very much and so would have probably been quite a bore :) ...
    LOL! no stealth mods.. I don't know why that came to be with him. I can fix it, just haven't gotten around to it yet. and I will fix mine, because I can't really rep anyone without it making a DRASTIC change.

    and I do over-analyze just about everything, although there are certain things that I just don't care to much for in the first place so I generally disregard them completely haha
    lol! you're welcome bud, I think? in all honesty I reallly don't understand what you're saying for the most part, although I try my best :) haha
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