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  • wait no i love reading it. i wish i could write like that all the time it takes some effort but it comes naturally to you? probably because your older and wiser but its still real fun and interesting a good talent to have to captivate people with your everyday words. i may be a geek but i love reading and the different ways that everyone lets their personality thropugh to their words. i write poetry but when i write stories they dont have a good flow. but yeah please keep posting on my wall even if its about nothing its something fun to read.
    man dude i have to put your stuff through a translator just to understand it. well i did turn my thing to invisible but i was on your page be for i did that. maybe it erases my past stuff to. im sorry to not help you on your profile views.
    Once I complete my term of service, I'm going back to Florida and am gonna give college a shot.

    I have the Post 9/11 G.I. bill, so I'll be able to squeeze out four years with it, plus I get an allowance for housing, and for food, which is good, because my parents moved to a 55+ community, so being cheap and staying with my parents is a no go.

    I haven't decided what I'll major in yet, though I've been leaning towards something in engineering.
    Well, it's quite definitely not me, I can barely keep up with my own log-in to be trying the sincerest form of flattery with anyone else. I would imagine that it is quite difficult to pull off an impersonation of you, but not because of the language differences, but because of the multitude of references to both The Fall, and various other older, or less known pop culture.

    The overwatch situation in question was a daytime exercise, and we were doing the initial walk-through, of which I have done several times before, so me being in a state of mental vacation wouldn't have been troublesome to anyone. When we did it full speed, I had my game face on.

    The Air Force currently has me stationed in Great Falls, Montana, but I have less then a year left before I head home to Florida. I've been here for nearly 5 years now, so I don't hate where I'm at, I'm just indifferent to it now.
    Yea, stupid criminals. From what I saw at all the meets, Try has done a wonderful job getting everything together and running smoothly. It makes for a real nice experience. The MyMonte site focuses on Monte Carlos and Lumina's mostly. Although, mostly everything is welcome.
    Nah, the steering column and ignition were torn apart. I replaced it though. It's great, kind of disappointed though because winter is coming and there's no more meets until the spring. I had been going to meets for a while then I decided to join the forum and help out.
    The vehicle anti-theft system, haha. You need the key with the resistor chip to start the car. But they stole all my audio equipment when they didn't get that car...
    I care. I'm trying to fully appreciate what's going on here with your, ahem, fellow compatriot. It's killing me because I have to go to work tomorrow, and I'll be out of the loop for the most part for multiple days.
    Your profile page still induces a headache while trying to find out where the proper buttons might be.
    Which one might be "my" logo?

    Actually, that info was a good look into how similar the bureaucracy is between our two countries. DWP is close enough to DOL that they are comparable.

    My dad has been in a similar situation ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, He is disabled from an on the job incident. He has alway been the kind of man that can't really sit still with his life, and not being able to work basically made him "Mr. Mom" to me. He is in the same position too, as self employment is legally discouraged in his case too.
    Is the DWP like the US's Department of Labor, like covering unemployment, wage and hourly standards, employee safety and re-employment services?
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