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  • Terribly sorry. I have no idea what happened. I was listening, then the phone went haywire in my ear and dropped the call.
    It's hard for me to answer that, since I tend to rate bands as a whole, rather then individual records, so for me the question itself is somewhat incorrect. That being said, I'm current rocking the first two CDs of the box set, since they are live, and both give a really good cross section of the band over the years, and Imperial Wax Solvent, if nothing else then for "Exploding Chimney"

    However, I have noticed that the live ones tend to hold my interest more then anything else, which is weird for me. I think it's along the lines of how The Pine Box Boys, or GG Allen are; You just don't get the whole picture when Smith has been put through the industrial processor.

    It's also kind of difficult to figure out where to listen to them. Sometimes cruising low and slow in my car, sometimes blasting down the highway in a HMMVW with my gear on, pretty much never when I'm working out.

    This tour out (starting tomorrow), I'll be listening to the "Extricate" album, so I'll see how that goes.
    I've managed to grab a couple CDs from that site you sent me on facebook, and after thoroughly listening to them, plus starting to get the other ones, I have to say that The Fall is now on my Favorite band list, Right under creedence clearwater revival, and above The Pine Box Boys.

    I felt bad about not really responding for so long on that, but I wanted to be completely sure of my opinion before giving any feedback.
    I'm actually quite grateful. Most bands, even the ones that constantly push the bounds tend to be the best early in the game. Having someone that was there, and able to push me in the right direction is very helpful. It just happened that I'm not actually skilled, or enthusiastic about Facebook, to notice that I had a message. Now that I am back, I fully intend to check everything(other then the lyrics, since I did that on that very day and Favorited it, being American makes it difficult to understand certain references and possibly certain slang). I have something around 8 months before my online presence becomes more then a 6 out of ten deal, which'll make it easier to see my intentions. I understand how hard it is to convey intentions over the internet, without body language and tone to convey true meaning. With my MIA actions, it makes anything else worse.

    Apparently we can only have 1000 charactors, so this was cut up.
    It's not a thanks, but no thanks thing. It was just a matter of my posting the very next day, making other then a glance possible.

    Also, I got a serious kick out of that thread, finding rare LPs and vinyls at what amounts to goodwill and such over here. I truly appreciate the links, info, and such that you send. The deadpan humor, detailed info and such makes it such a good read, I Favorited it for future reference.
    Hot damn, I just realized you sent me a PM on Facebook.

    I'll check the links tomorrow, thanks.
    I have not forgotten about our "Why is the American Dollar backed only by "faith" conversation."" I merely am waiting to take my next economics class, and find out more about it!

    a mixture of my age sex and me saying things you guys dont agree with. and anything i say that you think is stupid you say its cause im young or because im a teenage girl. i will admit i say things without thinking but im getting better with that.
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