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    Thursday Night Meet

    THat's what we call a Fly by Down here in B/CS... A race is from a dig...not starting at 45 or 60 MPH ?? :poke: :naughty:
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    New/Old Camaro from Central Texas

    I wonder Why my Sig Pic and info won't show up...ANy Idea?? Never mind...I just it doesn't show up retroactively...Kinda wierd :wtf1:
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    New/Old Camaro from Central Texas

    Had someone send me a kink to the new "Jared Video" and found myself agreeing with his thoughts exactly. :yep: We have a local Car Club, www brazosvalleystreetbeast com that's really making big strides in doing the right things, and we have the same problem...It's not an import problem, it's...