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  1. racinjason68
    racinjason68 Angie
    How do I remove myself from I have not been to the site in years and keep getting notifications. I would rather just remove all my info and be done. Thanks.
    1. Angie
      Your account is disabled and you will receive no more emails from us.
      Feb 4, 2019
  2. avsp
    dwp have classed me 'low' status
  3. 72sscamaro
    Delete me from the site please!
  4. HaXXeD
    HaXXeD Angie
    Angie, can you please delete all my posts? I have some identifying information I want removed but I can't delete or edit my old posts. Thank you!
    1. Angie
      We don't delete all post , but I have edited out anything that could lead directly to you. Make sure to clear your profile information.
      Dec 6, 2018
      HaXXeD likes this.
  5. 62Olds
    Deviate: His name is Asshole. Seriously.
  6. Luke44
    RK is a THING again?!
  7. 90_GT
    Loving life and enjoying retirement.
  8. Aksupratype_f
    Aksupratype_f Zuumy
    Wadapp Zuumy keep it going no hatorade Movement.
  9. bro5a
    bro5a Mikes09RdStripe
    Finally got a Cobra.
    All hail ME.
  10. bittersweet_eg
    bittersweet_eg jr.robbins
    Glad to see you here brother
  11. bittersweet_eg
    bittersweet_eg American Outlaw
    Glad to see you here bro
  12. Rampage
    Rampage Bimmer_gurl95
    hey do u live in tx
  13. OneSloZ
  14. VtecBoi_88
    VtecBoi_88 youkickmydog24x
    Good to see a fellow Rallye Red Si. Nice Car Man
  15. VtecBoi_88
    VtecBoi_88 Mr. Gore
    Sweet Ride man
  16. avsp
    avsp mmadden55
    i fink maybe the noobs ought to be told about the fb page or summat

    seems j did some promotion for the new (v texan) tshists & the 'ricer definition' video did the rounds big time. the fb page picked up thousands of followers

    tho maybe presumably they already know about the fb pafge anyway?

    Look at all those caveats!
  17. avsp
    avsp mmadden55
    the opening line about who is tying his shoes, is class.
    here's where the 'in your brain' line comes from, (lyrics on this, once unpacked, are multi-faceted)

    the whole fing 'works' coz of the fall's "I am Damo Suzuki" track

    unfortunately the guitar lines aint really sufficiently 'fall'.

    tbh come as a surprise that you can write, not surprising you had a lil trouble making yersen clear on this one, ..., maybe yer book comes wiv its own set of 'colouring in' crayons?
  18. mmadden55
    mmadden55 avsp
    Fat White has him down! My book surpasses all.
  19. mmadden55
    mmadden55 avsp
    egad FatWhite has him....7yu6
  20. avsp
    avsp mmadden55