Welcome to RICEKILLER.COM! The forum FOR enthusiasts BY enthusiasts. While many forums dedicate themselves to one brand of vehicle or one nationality of vehicle, (or RKC as we like to call it.) caters to every brand of vehicle, whether it be import or domestic! No matter what your passion may be in the automotive world, we all share one common bond, our love for cars. Here at RKC you can find everything from import tuners, to classic muscle cars, to high end supercars. The automotive culture is infinitely massive and diverse.

Shouldnt an automotive forum reflect that?

Rice has commonly been defined as those enthusiasts who are immature. To be clear, ricers are NOT simply those that drive an import vehicle. Ricers are those that act foolish and make bad decisions, which give the automotive community a bad name. The brand of the vehicle has nothing to do with it.

RKC is here to offer a community for the true auto enthusiast. We are the place for mature owners to go and discuss what we love! RKC is your rice-free zone. Here you will find real enthusiasts that love the culture and respect fellow enthusiasts, regardless of what kind of vehicle they may drive.

Since 2005, RKC has been uniting Imports and Domestics against rice. Now in 2009, we are doing it more than ever, and in a new way. We are showing the world what it is like to be a real enthusiast, and are leading by example.

Here at RKC we have one mission- To provide a positive, family-like atmosphere for every true automotive enthusiast to discuss their passion.

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